Friday, July 21, 2006


My InfoWorld Podcast with Jon Udell

This week I did a phone interview with Jon Udell, the InfoWorld columnist and prolific blogger, to talk about Document Engineering {and, or, vs} bottom-up tagging, XML schemas {and, or, vs} microformats, business process and business information patterns, the unique challenges and opportunities of the university computing environment, and lots of other interesting topics…

You can replay the interview as a podcast from here.

The highlight of the interview for me was when Jon volunteered that some people say he’s a Document Engineer. I told him that I agreed, and that maybe we’d give him an honorary degree if he’d only stop saying that XML was self-describing. I think I convinced him -- someone who stresses the importance of metadata (check out the "InfoWorld Metadata Explorer" that he built) -- that if XML were really self-describing you wouldn’t need any of it.

I will probably write about some of the topics that Jon and I talked about. But in the meantime, listen to the podcast.

-Bob Glushko

Jon built that explorer?! I mean ... post-hoc it makes perfect sense, but ... well I'll be darned!

I don't know if you recall BYTE, but a while back I call Jon the "Steve Ciarcia of IT" and this tidbit gives me yet more reason!

I use Jon's column as something of a still-point ... when it seems that the falcon can no longer hear the falconer and mere anarchy is about to be let loose upon the world, it's a boost to fetch up against some good practice. "Doc or Die" ... gotta luv it ... my one-line bio includes "compulsively tech_doc".

Speaking of, your comment in my blog about *clicks CoComment* "small and medium enterprise" huh huh ... my reply was this (and with it I'll say bye for now):


heh ... I ran head-on into a dissonance with that, thinking SME had the single meaning of "Subject Matter Expert". When doing technical documents (tech_docs, yes?) for an avionics R&D project SME interviewing was part of the skill set ... corp-speak for getting engineers to spill the beans.


I wrote a short paper entitled Document centric computing back in 2003.

Care to take a look.

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