Thursday, January 24, 2008


Blurring the Blogging Boundary – Inviting My Students to Blog with Me

As I recently wrote in a "Back to Blogging" post earlier this week, I now realize that I'd stopped blogging because I was too busy with my "real work" – which I'd defined as the teaching and writing and traveling and so on I did in my role as a Berkeley professor. This afternoon I caught myself in the act of building up that boundary again when I started to set up another blog as a discussion forum for my Document Engineering course that started yesterday when I realized that it would be much more sensible and interesting just to have all the students contribute to this blog. Otherwise I'd find myself in the ridiculous position of trying to decide whether a topic I wanted to discuss should be posted on "Doc or Die" or on the "official" course blog.

So I've now got two fellow bloggers here. The first is Zach Gillen, a 2nd year Master’'s Student at the School of Information, who is the Teaching Assistant for the Document Engineering course. The second author is "Document Engineering Student," a composite identity that all of the students will share (they'll also sign their posts with their real names) simply to avoid the administrative hassles of having them create Google accounts and so on.

I think this will be an interesting experiment.

-Bob Glushko

Hi Bob,

In Bloglines, it says that "Zach Gillen, a 2nd year Master's Student at the ," (i.e. blank), so I looked at the source of and see that parts of the phrase "School of Information" is tagged with st1:place and st1:placename tags, and Bloglines (or some conversion to RSS or Atom) converted that all to an empty div element. (And markup geek points out: there's no declaration for the st1 namespace prefix, and you closed an <st1:placetype> start-tag with an </st1:PlaceType> end-tag! For shame! Of course, you could blame that on your SGML roots...)

Bob DuCharme
You are doing different thing and I think your idea will work as you are inviting your student to blog with you. It’s a great move. This is innovative approach in blogging world. It’s great that you have unique style of thinking.
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